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Oh, the places you'll go...

Some resources

  • The Male Nude Stock - all for your male figure drawing needs
  • Cool Text - this site provides previously made graphics for your comics, websites, and so on.
  • Google Fonts - fonts listed by Google itself. I personally used this site to create the fonts right here.
  • W3 Schools - all of the tutorials for HTML are listed over there.
  • Gifcities - want to spice your site with extremely old gifs from Geocities? this site is for you!

Cool sites

  • infor.cern.ch - the first website ever made if you're into internet history.
  • Heaven's Gate - this infamous cult created this website to foretell the coming of Comet Hale-Bopp. they also claimed that the comet was a UFO. if you're into creepy cults, then here's their website.
  • Windows 93 browser - as of 3/18/2022, I found this fun site. click on the dolphin and everything tumbles lol.
  • Marxists.org - although I don't talk about politics and the economy frequently anymore, this site can help you open your mind to Marxism, socialism, and other subjects related to the left.
  • Radio Garden - travel around the world by listening to every radio station in every country!
  • 9/11 Real Time - want to know what other TV channels were like on one of the most historical events? here it is! (TW: it may distress you)



When I preen his hair, I sit his shoulder as if I'm a miracle, I'd lift Scarebeast up to the sky, If he'd only teach me how to fly...

more graphics seen here!

Yellow-Red Electricity Lightning