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22 years
Marilyn Manson enjoyer

Greetings! I'm Diablo or Eddy, whichever you like to call me. I'm pretty much a southern college student, who spends most of their time studying and even hyperfixating any interest I like! ;3 Some of my interests include music, history, and philosophy.

But yeah, if you're interested in following me, there are a few messages below this box before following me and who I shouldn't interact with. That's all! ^^

I am a(n)...
admirer, adult, agnostic episcopal, alien, anarchist, andro, androgyne, androgynous, androphiliac, autistic, bitchboi, boi, boy with a vagina, canine, chunky, cute, daddy's baby, daddy's whore, demon, dude, egoist, extrovert, faggot, fairy, female-assigned, freak, full of love, furry, gay, gender anarchist, gender outlaw, guy, half-therian, individual, introvert, kinky, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, Mx., man-loving, misunderstood, nonbiney, passive, pervert, post-left, queer, quiet, quiz whore, slut, stealth, strange, switch, the gay, toric, trans, tranz, trustworthy, understanding, virgin, voyeuristic, weird, whatever, whore, wizard, wolf, XX
Who are you?

You can view more of my political views here. ^^

Before you follow

I tend to draw, probably more often, NSFW themes. So, if kinky, taboo, "problematic", and porno stuff ain't your thing, then don't cry about it... Or do cry about it. I'll gladly laugh at you how stupid you sound when complaining about it on like Fox News or Twitter, lol.

I have an interest in the American Civil War, which I'm taking a lot of research so I won't fall into Lost Cause BS when I write any Civil War characters and (in the future) stories. Think the Civil War was about "states' rights"? Get Douglass'd.

Sometimes, I take a while to respond. If I am, then I'm probably working on a school project or a project of my own.

Speaking of responding, I always read comments or DMs, even if I don't have the time to reply. ^^

Not that I'm hosting commissions now, but this is what I'm capable of doing when I do open them. They also fall under requests and art trades/collabs:

  • Original characters
  • Canon characters
  • Rock stars & musicians
  • Furries/Anthro characters
  • Monsters
  • History (American Civil War, World Wars, 1960s...)
  • SFW
  • NSFW
  • Soft fetishes (odor, feet, body worship...)

  • Loli/shota/cub/underage
  • Bigotry depicted in a positive light (Racism, sexism, lgbtphobia...)
  • Extreme fetishes (scat, hard vore, watersports...)
  • Abuse depicted in a positive light
  • STDs
  • Exotic species (aeromorphs, insects, arachnids...)

Do not interact

As much as I can block anyone listed here, please refrain from interacting if:

  • you fall in basic dni criteria (e.g., nazis, TERFs/radfems, pedo, truscum)
  • you think people like Amber Heard and Evan Rachel Wood are victims of abuse and not con artists
  • you are a minor
  • you happen to harass other creators and fans over fiction, i.e., trolls
  • you are a neo-confederate

This one here is a blocklist, so hopefully no one listed here can interact with me.

- Foxmusk
He is a gay furry artist that I used to follow until he became a Neo-Confederate and alt-right
- WhiteFangKakashi300
She abused a close irl friend of mine
- KruggsBunny
He is a close friend to Foxmusk and holds conservative views
- SethPup
Part of a sex-trafficking ring and drawn zoo content of non-sapient feral animals