any pronouns/toric | 21 | 🔥⛧a hillbilly from hell⛧🔥

picrew by Nudekay

Well, howdy!

the name’s Diablo, but you can call me Wuornos or just plain “Z” if you like. I tend to draw cute and trashy cartoon characters doing stuff, sometimes lewd or gruesome.

I’m pretty laid back and a chill fella, so don’t be afraid to hit me up for a chat sometime. ^^

make yourself at home. but be sure to check the DNI/BYF to be safe. enjoy your stay!

oh! and I even made a dream journal in which you can click here!

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When I preen his hair, I sit his shoulder as if I'm a miracle, I'd lift Scarebeast up to the sky, If he'd only teach me how to fly...

more graphics seen here!

Yellow-Red Electricity Lightning