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3/22/2022: just had a dream last night that Michael Jackson (from the 2000s, milquetoast if you ask me) visited my old high school.

I also happened that I didn't find my car and I screamed loudly when I found out it was towed.

3/23/2022: last night, I dreamt that Disney Junior was renamed back to Playhouse Disney. guess I'm pretty old.

3/24/2022: I was at a small warehouse and there were live chickens being kept there. I assumed that they were for food but it would have been nice if I kept one.

3/25/2022: I received a DM on my tumblr from some random person who had a doge profile pic. I opened up the DM and it turned out the doge user was trying to tell me that Evan Rachel Wood was "right all along" when clearly, Marilyn Manson has a lawsuit showing damning evidence. they also used ad hominem like... idk... "sick individual" or something of the sort. I blocked them anyway.

3/26/2022: this dream is a little boring, but I was doing some editing on Microsoft Word.

3/27/2022: I can't remember much of anything from last night. sorry, guys.

3/28/2022: Nothing else I can say that the dream was again, boring. perhaps I'll give this a few more nights until I dream something cool.

3/30/2022: okay, here's one. My hometown built a Civil War Monument as well as me visiting a Civil War reenactment. Antichrist Superstar-era Manson was there dressed up in a Union uniform and there was even someone going as Robert E. Lee.

4/2/2022: I don't remember this dream that much except that it involved Telephone the Angel Dragon.

4/3/2022: I yelled profanities at Evan Rachel Wood. that's it.

4/6/2022: I met Marilyn Manson on the set of Sons of Anarchy. Also, my dad set fire to a building because he had fire breath.

4/9/2022: the only thing I remember in the I had last night was my old high school crush dressed up as a hot dog and eating a hot dog.

4/12/2022: this dream was an odd mix. I was visiting Neverland Ranch and I suddenly got transported to Disney World.

4/14/2022: Ringo Starr was in the dream, that was all.

4/18/2022: I was exploring a different section of the Backrooms with a group that I was assigned with.

4/22/2022: the only thing remember from last night's dream, was that I tasted soap and boy, it was disgusting.

4/23/2022: I just discovered that Marilyn Manson has an OnlyFans and did stripteases. wish he could go further than that.

4/30/2022: I was watching Amphibia over my sister's shoulder and I noclipped into a floaty island of some sort. it had a train station and right beside it, it had a pool filled pure salt water.

5/06/2022: I was having my graduation party at my old house and at the same time there was a party celebrating Johnny Depp's victory. Manson was there at the other party so I decided to be at the other party to meet him. Sadly, I woke up before I had the chance to say hello.

5/14/2022: I lost my voice while I was ranting about how Futanari objectifies trans and intersex people.

5/23/2022: the world was near the apocalypse where several paranormal entities may wreak havoc. luckily, I found a glock from the 1870s and convinced my mother to go out hunting for entities.




When I preen his hair, I sit his shoulder as if I'm a miracle, I'd lift Scarebeast up to the sky, If he'd only teach me how to fly...

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