the altar

so this is Diablo, basically the persona that I would sometimes illustrate
when I'm not drawing Manson at the moment. however, they sometimes appear with Manson
having some leizure time ;).

Diablo was raised in Tennessee with a family of Wobblies. like their working class
parents, they disagreed with others who lived in the trailer park, i.e. having a
right-wing ideology. Diablo was assigned female at birth, but they felt like giving
themselves a more masculine and androgynous appearance. after Diablo and their family
moved to the a nearby town near Knoxville in 1995, they attended a university as well as moving out on their
own. with them being independent at the sophomore age of 20, they befriended Manson
and would occasionally venture in various pranks and intimate shenanigans.

Yellow-Red Electricity Lightning