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Some few things I'd like to say

Before you follow

  • as I said before, I sometimes illustrate and post content that is not safe for work, mostly of it is cartoon porn. so be aware of this, please!

  • I also post content relating to Marilyn Manson without warning. so think twice before following if you're sensitive to his imagery as well.

  • speaking of sensitivity, I also talk about the Civil War a lot. that includes talking about the Confederates' original purpose on why they seceded, which was slavery/racism.

  • I don't take commissions at the moment. requests are for followers/mutuals only.

  • you're free to give me a like/fav/reblog or comment something nice. I really appreciate it.

Do not interact if:

  • you're basic DNI criteria (racist/nazi, radfem/TERF, queerphobe, MAP/zoo, etc.)
  • you're a minor
  • you're one of those NFT/cryptobros
  • you bitch and complain about my content. honestly, get over it and kindly f*ck off.



When I preen his hair, I sit his shoulder as if I'm a miracle, I'd lift Scarebeast up to the sky, If he'd only teach me how to fly...

more graphics seen here!

Yellow-Red Electricity Lightning