the altar

Black Clover

as of writing this on 7/31/2021, I just recently found an anime to start binging not too long ago. it's about an orphan named Asta who joins a Magic Knight squad to become the Wizard King, despite being born without any magic at all.

now, now, you're probably thinking: "but what about the dude looking a lot like Marilyn Manson? you obviously have a crush on him because of that." well, his name is Gordon Agrippa, and yeah, it's obvious that I like his appearance as a goth myself. BUT he's a favorite character of mine because he can be nice and socially awkward and longs for friendship after spending a lonely childhood. I also kinda feel sorry for him since he usually gets left out on the Black Bulls' adventures. so, in conclusion, Gordon deserves better.

here's a little bonus art piece explaining my reason, based on a meme.

Yellow-Red Electricity Lightning