the altar

Don't touch that dial, there is more to come!

this is a title to one of the shows of that genre.

if you think this isn't enough, then check out these two episodes from Local 58 and a more recent show, respectively.

analog horror is a very young genre. some people may consider
The Blair Witch Project as a predecessor to the genre. although there are other
films made in that found footage style and ARGs that involve broadcasts, it was Kris Straub
of Candle Cove fame who created the spooky series of Local 58 and sparked a
brand new subgenre of horror. so, if you like a taste for Americana, VHS recordings, TV
broadcasts, and eldritch abominations, then this genre is for you!

I found it around just recently, probably in the wayy beginning of 2021, so I really
have yet to find and discover more series like Local 58 and others. either way, like Manson,
analog horror placed an impact on me, since I'm such a sucker for anything creepy and/or
related to graphic design (trust me, I know). speaking of which, I oughta get some more fanfics
based on analog horror down and published! I'm sure that people like lengthy descriptions on
creepy space monsters and the fear of the unknown.

here are some channels for you to support and watch:

Yellow-Red Electricity Lightning